Khaby Lame Became TikTok Most Popular Influencer of the World By Forbes 2023

Khaby Lame news

As per Forbes Khaby Lame Became TikTok’s Most Popular Influencer of the World in 2023.He gained over 160 million followers in less than three years and, without saying a single word, has become the most popular tiktoker globally.He is best known in the country for his funny lip-sync videos on his official TikTok account. Lame started posting videos on TikTok in March 2020.

Within a year, he gained huge internet fame. Lame is a professional gaming video creator, according to his official IG account.Social media management for Khaby Lame is the handled by Riggio Alessandro. Riggio also manages the finances and business affairs of the 179 other creative professionals in his portfolio.

Khaby Lame Bio

Khaby Lame Worth and House in 2023

As of 2023 Khaby Lame has a net worth of $16 million USD.Khaby Lame is wellknown for his extremely popular TikTok videos.Khaby has spent his TikTok and Instagram profits on a variety of expensive cars. Khaby Lame recently purchased a brand-new imported Volvo XC60 for $190,000 USD. Khaby Lame also owns a $2 million USD Lamborghini Huracán.

Khaby Lame just bought a multi-million dollar luxury mansion for a stunning $6 million. Khaby Lame’s new home has a swimming pool, a home movie theaters, greater safety features, a tennis court, and a wine cellar. Khaby Lame has shown the world that it is possible to rise above hardship and live a lavish life.

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